Azur is a French Blonde d'Aquitaine bull bred by Patrick Sazy and used in AI programs in Blonde d'Aurach in Hofheim, Germany
Ballon is a French Blonde d'Aquitaine bull used in Artificial Insemination programs in Germany
Barbed is a French Blonde d'Aquitaine used in AI and Et programs in Blonde d'Aurach, Germany
Divaldo is a son of Valdo, a very famous French Blonde d'Aquitaine bull. Divaldo has very good calves in Blonde d Aurach, Hofheim, Germany
Donibane is a son of Rubio in a daughter of Leo. Consequently he has the best genetics of the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed.
Horfe is a young French Blonde d'Aquitaine bull, sold in SIA, Paris 2012 for 19.000 Euros. His calves sho a very good beef disposition.
Srin is a French Blonde d'Aquitaine bull with very good frame and beef disposition. He is used in Germany, in Blonde d'Aurach, Hofheim

José Renán Leguizamón Vélez

Tulpenweg 9

97437 Hassfurt




DIE hornolose (PP) Blonde d'Aquitaine Herde

THE polled (PP)Blonde d'Aquitaine breeder