Blonde d'Aurach is a breeder of Blonde d'Aqutaine, one of the most interesting beef breeds that produces excelent carcasses.
French Blonde d'Aquitaine MTE cows grazing in the Hofheim, Germany at Blonde d'Aurach.

Who is the Blonde d'Aquitaine breeder Blonde d'Aurach?

Blonde d'Aurach is an interdisciplinary group that consists of agricultural experts compromised with the breeding and the marketing of the beef breed Blonde d'Aquitaine as a livework.

Blonde d'Aurach associates are:

* Dr. Georg Eller,
   Veterinarian, Hofheim, Germany.

* José Leguizamón:
    Veterinarian, Hofheim, germany

* Gerd Heinrich and family:
    Farmers, Lenderhausen, Germany

Consequently the veterinarian habilities work together with the farming experience gained over generations for the daily improvement of our herd.

Our Blonde d'Aquitaine cows principally come from the best French breeders like Patrick Sazy, Nicolas Daydé, Frederic Plante.

We also represent proudly represent West Wind Blondes, the most important breeders of Fullblood Homocygous Polled Blonde d'Aquitaine of Canada.

Where is Blonde d'Aurach?

We are in the middle of Germany, north of Bavaria, in a beautifull wine and beer region called Low Franconia.

Größere Kartenansicht

History of the breed

The Quercy, Garonaisse and Blonde des Pyrénéens come from the Southwest of France. Breeders decided February 1962 to unify  these breeds. Consequently a new breeders association was founded with an unique herdbook. This was the beginning of Blonde d'Aquitaine.

These breeds were working animals that had to resist extreme situations out on the field like summer temperatures of more than 86°F. The farmers did a selection not only based on the power of the animals (muscle). Also good legs and quiet temperament were very important. The rough environment produced  a breed with unique hardiness and adaptability.

Breed Characteristics

Blonde d'Aquitaine animals show long heads  with broad forehead and muzzles and triangular face. They have a solid "wheat" color that may range from light coloured to dark yellow even red. Around the muzzle, eyes, inner side of the legs and under the belly are lighter. The hair is short and straight. Their hooves are light in color.  The horns are thick at the base and light in color, with darker darker tips. Some are also polled.

Blondes are moderate framed. Most mature bulls weigh from 1,700 to 2,300 pounds, females range from 1,100 to 1,500 pounds.

Blondes have deep rounded chests and ribs. Structurally they are well-proportioned. Big forequarters, broad withers, deep heart girth and a large loin area, strong top lines and great length of body are distinguishung marks of the breed. Consequently Blond d'Aquitaine is an excellent beef breed.

This bull is son of Leo, one of the most important bulls in the breed. He is product of embryo transfer.

BDA Imperator ET
(Leo X Orly)

Blonde d'Aquitaine cow with very good maternal abilities grazing in Germany.

Supermutter Doscane
(Uranium X Arlequin)

Other traits like easy calving, maternal ability, excellent carcasses are very important for beef crossbreeding programs. With all theses characteristics we can improve the beef production in fullblood and crossbreeding programs.

Heat tolerance, short hair, active sweat glands and localized skin muscles control (similar to Bos indicus) are advantages of Blonde d'Aquitaine over all other European beef breeds concerning adaptability for successfully crossbreeding program with Bos indicus under tropical conditions

Blonde d'Aquitaine produces very good calves with Simmental. These F1 calves have better carcasses.

Blonde d'Aquitaine X Simmental

Blonde d'Aquiyaine is beef breed that works very good under tropical conditions for crossbreeding programs with Bos indicus breeds.

Hda. La Habana - Caquetá - Colombia
Blonde d'Aquitaine bull in a Brahman herd